Export Ventures Group Inc. (EVG) is the largest wine export agency in Canada.

We represent 40 award-wining Canadian VQA Icewine, red wine, white wine and fruit-based dessert wine producers in British Columbia (BC) and Ontario (ON). We work with wine producers to provide one-stop procurement services for our buyers.

On the investment side, we assist Canadian wineries connect with Asian investors interested in investing or purchasing a wine industry business, sometimes in combination with provincial immigration programs.

Sourcing Program

Whether you are a private consumption buyer, importer or distributor looking for a one-stop shop to procure award-winning quality red wines, white wines, Icewines, and other fruit-based dessert wines from a reliable Canadian source, our sourcing program is your best choice.

We help you source a wide range of wine and spirit products from Canada by connecting you with the right suppliers. We only work with top quality supply partners that you can trust. With over 600 wine and spirit products to choose from 40 wineries, we are confident that our extensive and comprehensive portfolio will match your needs.

Are you looking to source Canadian wine and spirit products, but don't know where to start? Our team would be pleased to assist you from start to finish. Please contact
+1 (778) 737 - 8249 or info@exportventuresgroup.com.

Private Label

For buyers interested in large-volume imports and private labelling, we can connect you with our supplier partners to facilitate the design and production of custom label products.

Winery & Agritourism Investments

We connect investors to opportunities for investing in Canadian wineries, vineyards, resorts and other real estate development projects offered or led by our trusted partners in business.

The Canadian wine industry has been expanding rapidly for the last two decades. Investing in the Canadian wine and agritourism industry is a unique and exceptional opportunity for investors to obtain first access to wine supply and premium vineyards to diversify their business and real-estate investment portfolio.

Other Business Investments

We also have an inventory of other business opportunities for sale or for investment in the areas of: mining, water, oil & natural gas, publishing, jade, art, technology and film. Interested investors, please contact
+1 (778) 737 - 8249 or info@exportventuresgroup.com.

BC Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) Project Design

We facilitate investor-class immigration to Canada through the BC Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP) with licenced immigration consultants and immigration lawyers. We serve as the bridge between wineries and owners of farmlands and vineyards across BC and potential investors abroad who would benefit from learning about seeking these investments opportunities in this category

Strong industry returns even during an economic recession and strong export volumes means that BC wines are gaining international recognition and the BC wine industry presents itself as a unique investment opportunity. Investing in a BC winery, vineyard or agritourism resort development is a versatile and profitable option with many opportunities for growth and diversification.

Interested in learning more about how we can help you reach your investment and immigration objectives? Please contact
+1 (778) 737 - 8249 or info@exportventuresgroup.com.

Alice Chen B.Sc. (Hons), J.D.
CEO, Export Ventures Group
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